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Top 5 Lineup Rotations Coach Blatt Could Use

AP Photo/Brandon Dill

5. Second Unit

PG – Matthew Dellavedova
SG – Joe Harris
SF – Shawn Marion
PF – Tristan Thompson
C – Alex Kirk

This lineup will be used more during the beginning part of the season while Blatt is experimenting, but it cannot be overlooked. Harris and Kirk are unproven rookies, but they were both given significant playing time during the preseason. Joe Harris will likely be the main scoring option in this lineup, along with Thompson in the paint. This will allow both of them to unleash their offensive talents, which should overwhelm secondary defenses or surprise and wear down starting defenses. Harris will space the floor well and Kirk will be a large presence in the paint. Add in the veteran leadership and defense of Shawn Marion, the offensive versatility of Tristan Thompson, and the ball movement of Delly, this may be the sleeper squad that performs well without any of the team’s starters. If the starters are having an off night, or they just need relief when the season gets grungy, look for these players to get significant playing time.

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