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Top 5 Injuries And How They’ll Affect The Eastern Conference Playoffs


3. Paul George

-Compound Fracture of right leg, August 1st (2014)
-Immediate Surgery, currently practicing, hoping to return for playoffs

Paul George played like an MVP, posting career highs while leading the Pacers to the 1st seed in the East during the 2013-2014 season. George hoped for his dominant play to translate to Team USA, where Coach K was looking for George to be one of the leaders of the young team. On August 1st, during a Team USA exhibition scrimmage, George tried to contest James Harden’s layup, and landed awkwardly against the stanchion between the floor and base support.

His injury was so severe that the rest of the scrimmage was called off. Prior to his injury, Paul George was viewed as LeBron James’ biggest opponent, and the Pacers were viewed as the only real team keeping the Miami Heat from reaching the Finals. Many saw the Pacers as a powerhouse for the next few years with their core of Paul George, Roy Hibbert, David West, and Lance Stephenson. With George’s injury, along with the departure of Stephenson to the Hornets, the Pacers have been simply average this year. Despite beating the LeBron-led Cavaliers in the regular season, the Pacers pose no real threat to the Cavs in the playoffs. They are currently 29-34, good for 7th in the east. George hopes to return for the playoffs, but it is possible that he may not be ready-and even if he is, chemistry will be a concern due to his long absence from the Pacers lineup.

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