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Top 5 Cavs’ Goals For The Second Half Of The Season

Mitchell Leff | Getty Images

55 games into the season and we see the Cleveland Cavaliers sitting rather comfortably in the standings considering the slow start to their season. This team has grown a lot and transformed into a totally different group before our eyes. Contributing to the upward curve that the Cavs are enjoying thus far aren`t only the new additions; LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have both stepped up while Kevin Love, despite all the criticisms, is still giving out highly productive numbers and of course, Coach David Blatt has steadily adjusted to the NBA life.

There`s nowhere to go but up for the Wine & Gold so we have outlined five goals that the Cleveland Cavaliers need to meet before the playoff starts.

5. Coach David Blatt Needs To Regain His True Fire

A lot has been said about Coach David Blatt this early. He`s been heralded as a genius then people asked for his head. His leadership has been put to question and he`s tried hard to get LeBron`s approval. Blatt`s adjustment to the NBA coaching intricacies has been a wild ride so far.

Despite all these things that are happening around him, nothing can take away the success he`s experienced over his coaching career. A coaching career that saw him get recognized for his fiery demeanor on the court. He`s a no nonsense coach who doesn’t care if he`s talking to the team`s best player. At least that was the David Blatt that the world outside the NBA got to know. However, he`s slowly showing glimpses of his old self. He`s already benched Kevin Love for an entire fourth quarter a couple of times and lately he`s even benched LeBron James for an extended stretch. For the Cavaliers to grind their way to the finish line, they need someone to light some fire underneath them and Coach David Blatt, the old David Blatt, is poised to be that person.

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