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Top 5 Benches In The NBA

Mark Duncan l Associated Press

Several teams with championship hopes have made moves in this offseason to bolster their benches. While the big name free agents have dominated the conversation nationally, many teams, including the Cavs, have focused on improving their depth and versatility in players outside of their starting five. Here is a look at five of the top benches heading into the 2015 season.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

Assuming that the Cavs re-sign Tristan Thompson and JR Smith, it is possible for them to enter the 2015 season with the deepest team in the NBA. James Jones, who received very meaningful minutes in the finals last year, could be our 12th man. The Cavs got beat by a small-ball lineup last year, and have made sure that they have every combination of players possible to play in various styles.

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