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Top 5 Adjustments For The Cavaliers Playoff Run

Mark Duncan | AP Photo

The Cleveland Cavaliers now sit at 50-27 and are in sole possession of the Eastern Conference’s second seed. Since January 15, the Cavaliers are an NBA best 31-7 since starting out 19-20. Although their complete turnaround seems to be done, there’s always room for improvement. We’ve listed five adjustments that the Cavaliers need to make in order go on an extended playoff run. We start with number five:

5. Find Consistency

The Cavs, despite winning 31 of their last 38 games, still have some trouble with staying consistent both offensively and defensively from time to time. Offensively, Cleveland just needs to stay within the flow of the offense and take good, open shots. Defensively, the Cavs have got to lock down the paint at a better rate. Their opponents have had their way when it comes to scoring inside, and although the addition of Mozgov has dramatically helped, every Cavalier should be focused on getting stops and securing those stops with defensive rebounds.

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