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The Cleveland Cavaliers now sit at 50-27 and are in sole possession of the Eastern Conference’s second seed. Since January 15, the Cavaliers are an NBA best 31-7 since starting out 19-20. Although their complete turnaround seems to be done, there’s always room for improvement. We’ve listed five adjustments that the Cavaliers need to make in order go on an extended playoff run. We start with number five:

5. Find Consistency

The Cavs, despite winning 31 of their last 38 games, still have some trouble with staying consistent both offensively and defensively from time to time. Offensively, Cleveland just needs to stay within the flow of the offense and take good, open shots. Defensively, the Cavs have got to lock down the paint at a better rate. Their opponents have had their way when it comes to scoring inside, and although the addition of Mozgov has dramatically helped, every Cavalier should be focused on getting stops and securing those stops with defensive rebounds.

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4. Get Kevin Love Going Early And Often

Kevin Love is coming off of a couple back injuries, but has seen himself succeed at a much better rate from the field as the year goes on. Clearly, Cleveland needs to get Love going early in the first quarter and continue to ride him throughout the game as he will play a big factor for the Cavs in the playoffs.

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3. Stop Isolation Plays

Often times when games get close down the stretch, two of Cleveland’s best decide to play some isolation basketball. In other words,LeBron James and Kyrie Irving don’t need one-on-one plays down the stretch of a close game. Instead that will require great team execution come playoff time.

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2. Find Clear-Cut Leader(s) Off Bench

Over the past couple of weeks, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, James Jones, and Matthew Dellavedova have all played major roles off the bench for the Cavaliers this season. But before we can begin the playoffs, Cleveland needs at least one player among those four who can step up his game and lead the bench effort night in and night out.

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1. Rest Love, James, And Irving

LeBron James has played the majority of his games since returning for a two-week hiatus for the Cavs. Kevin Love is still reportedly ailing after taking another shot to the back against the 76ers. Kyrie Irving has played a ton of games this season and has rarely sat out after number of games. The Cavs’ Big Three as well as their starters will likely need the playoff rest-days as the regular season comes to a close.