Here’s 10 of the best Uncle Drew quotes of all time, starting with #10!

#10. The Game Is Too Easy?


“Too easy out here against these young bloods.”

Please. Can someone step out onto the court and at least offer some type of competition for Uncle Drew?! For him everyone is a young-blood.

#9. Don’t reach, young blood!


“Don’t reach, young blood! Don’t reach! Don’t reach, young blood!”

Really? How you gonna reach on Uncle Drew? Don’t you know he gets buckets?

#8. Shoe Game Is Crazy?


“I’m no more young blood, but… you wanna switch sneakers? You sure you don’t wanna switch? Damn! He’s got hospital shoes on!”

No one is safe from Uncle Drew. You better bring your A game, and that includes a polished shoe game. Don’t be THAT GUY!

#7. Talking Smack?


“Loosen Up, Young blood! I can smell… ”

Uncle Drew has a knack for getting into the head of his opposing players. When it comes to Uncle Drew, there is no competition that he can’t handle.

#6. No Time For Games?


“Don’t play around with these kids now… for real.”

Uncle Drew takes no part of the game as a joke. Either you’re giving it your all on the basketball court or you ain’t giving nothing and you sit down.

#5. How to treat the game of basketball!


“It’s good that they come out here and play some basketball, in this cold weather. Oh my gosh! Come here!”

Uncle Drew doesn’t mess around. Even a pick up game is treated like a Game 7 in Uncle Drew’s eyes.

#4. Talkin About Practice?


“These guys don’t practice the fundamentals, you know.”

Practice? Practice? Whatchu know about practice? Uncle Drew knows about practice. His fundamentals have been polished over the last 50 years of playing the game of basketball.

#3. Rappity Hippity Hop


“These young balls out here got all of the cheap headphones, and all these rappity hippity hop, all these flashy shoes.”

Uncle Drew doesn’t need these things to make him appear like a dominant player on the court. He lets his skill talk for itself.

#2. Keep The Buckets Coming


“Get Buckets! I get Buckets!”

Uncle Drew gets on the court and takes it to all the youngsters. I swear they’ve never seen anything like it.

#1. Real Ballers Only


“I am a real baller. I came up during a real time, watching the Big O, watching Wilt, watching real balls.”

If there is anyone you do not want to underestimate, it’s Uncle Drew. You don’t want to be the one to make that mistake.