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This offseason is expected to be a very interesting period for the Wine and Gold. The main focus obviously is making sure that they retain their own free agents. However, there are still viable options in the trade market. Most of these do not necessarily have to be blockbuster trades but rather low-key yet solid deals. With the Cavaliers’ need and probable assets already considered along with which players other teams might be willing to part with, we listed down ten of the most realistic hypothetical trade options that David Griffin and company could cook up this summer.

10 – Perry Jones III (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Perry Jones never lived up to the hype when he was in high school but the physical tools are still there and he is still very young. Why would OKC trade him though? Because they’ve pretty much filled up their wing and they are set to pay Enes Kanter good cash so a small dump involving PJ3’s contract should give the Thunder some room. Jones could transform into a versatile defender given some time under James Posey should such trade happen.

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9 – Mirza Teletovic (Brooklyn Nets)

Teletovic is a restricted free agent, yes, and the Nets are not going to contend for some time so a productive player in his prime especially on a decent salary shouldn’t be in their roster. The Cavs could use him though as a stretch four off the bench because outside of Kevin Love Cleveland no longer has a floor spacing big. The Nets and Cavs may connive to do a sign-and-trade centered on Teletovic.

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8 – Chase Budinger (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Budinger is a decent shooter with pretty good athleticism which makes for a good fit within a LeBron James-led team. The Wolves are undoubtedly eyeing on the future already and the Cavs could offer a future second rounder in place of Budinger to give Minny more options going forward.

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7 – Jerryd Bayless (Milwaukee Bucks)

The Bucks are already teeming with point guards, even Giannis can play the position, and it makes Bayless sort of the odd man out. The Cavaliers could use his talent as he’s a proven scorer who can help Cleveland’s woeful (on offense) second unit. Bayless could be had for a future second rounder if the Bucks feel the need to stash some more picks.

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6 – Moe Harkless (Orlando Magic)

Once considered to be one of the more promising young wingmen in the league, Moe Harkless now see himself underneath the pile up in Orlando’s wing rotation. Cleveland could see this as an opportunity to scoop up Harkless for a future pick and a scrub. He’s still on a very cheap contract for a couple more seasons and still holds value as a capable wing defender with a developing offensive game.

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5 – P.J. Tucker (Phoenix Suns)

Tucker is an old school hard nosed guard who’s capable of occasionally hitting those three balls. He isn’t necessarily someone whom the Suns would give away for peanuts but it is possible that they could shift their focus on developing their young wings instead. The Cavs should keep their eye on him as his contract and the value that he could bring to the team are both very pleasing.

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4 – Channing Frye (Orlando Magic)

Every big man who can stretch the floor is welcome in a LeBron James-led team. Frye’s floor spacing ability is a great factor that would open up the lanes for James and Kyrie Irving. Orlando no longer have the use for him and although his contract is a bit tricky, Cleveland could always involve another team to join in the talks and help facilitate Frye’s flight to Northeast Ohio.

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3 – Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets)

This is only an option if the Tristan Thompson talks fall out, although unlikely. But in case Thompson walks out, Faried would give just the same amount of energy off the boards and on defense as TT does. His salary is also relatively friendly considering the expected cap increase after this season and the Nuggets are just about ready to blow up their roster.

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2 – Jeff Green (Memphis Grizzlies)

Memphis will make a huge push to retain Marc Gasol and that will involve a large sum of money. With the acquisition of Matt Barnes, the Grizzlies have gotten themselves a solid wing who comes at a cheaper price than Green. Cleveland should be in play if Memphis follows this frame of thinking as they could very well get themselves a versatile wing player who’s still in his prime.

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1 – Danilo Gallinari (Denver Nuggets)

The Nuggets have basically made everyone in their roster available for trade and Gallo might be someone who could see himself in a Cavalier jersey sooner than later. Gallinari is set to earn over $11 million next season and Denver has no place to go, hence, a cap saving piece in Brendan Haywood plus a future first or a couple of second rounders might entice the Nuggets to send the sharp shooting Italian to the Cavs. Gallinari would obviously provide scoring off the bench while also taking James Jones’ role as the team’s stretch four outside of Kevin Love.