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10. Timberwolves – Nets Trade Grade: A

Minnesota Timberwolves get:
F Kevin Garnett

Brooklyn Nets get:
F Thaddeus Young

This trade was pretty easy to understand. Thaddeus Young is a talented forward who was struggling and not finding his place with the Timberwolves despite being the veteran leader. Minnesota saw the opportunity to let Kevin Garnett end his career where it all started and give the fans something other than their young slam-dunkers to cheer on.

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9. Suns – Celtics Trade Grade: B-

Phoenix Suns get:
G Marcus Thornton
2016 first-round pick from Cavaliers

Boston Celtics get:
G Isaiah Thomas

Phoenix decided to blow up their three-guard lineup of Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, and Isaiah Thomas at the trade deadline, sending Dragic to Miami and acquiring shooter Marcus Thornton from the Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, who also had a hard time finding consistency behidn Bledsoe and Dragic. Thomas is really playing well off the bench for the Celtics as they pursue a playoff berth.

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8. Trailblazers – Nuggets Trade Grade: B

Portland Trail Blazers get:
F Arron Afflalo
F Alonzo Gee

Denver Nuggets get:
G Will Barton
F Victor Claver
F Thomas Robinson (later acquired by 76ers)
2016 first-round pick (lottery protected)

The acquisition of Arron Afflalo was considered important to help boos the Blazer bench, but after Wesley Matthews tore his Achilles, this trade seemed like an absolute lifesaver for Portland. Afflalo now starts in Mathews place and plays the role of floor-spacer and wing-defense specialist.

For Denver, Will Barton has also provided a late-year spark off the bench, but struggles with inconsistencies on one of the most inconsistent teams in the Nuggets.

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7. Pistons – Thunder – Jazz Trade Grade: A

Detroit Pistons get:
G Reggie Jackson

Oklahoma City Thunder get:
C Enes Kanter
F Steve Novak
G D.J. Augustin
F Kyle Singler

Utah Jazz get:
F Grant Jerrett
C Kendrick Perkins (later acquired by Cavaliers)
Draft rights to C Tibor Pleiss
2017 second-round pick from Pistons
Future first-round pick from Thunder

Here are two players who are clearly unhappy with their roles: Reggie Jackson and Enes Kanter. OKC, Utah, and Detroit executed a three-way trade that essentially sealed everyone’s happiness as both Kanter and Jackson are thriving in their respective roles while Rudy Gobert is an absolute defensive monster the rim for the Jazz.

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6. Grizzlies – Celtics Trade Grade: B

Memphis Grizzlies get:

F Jeff Green
G Russ Smith
Traded player exception

Boston Celtics get:
F Tayshaun Prince
G Austin Rivers (later acquired by LAC)
Protected future first round draft pick

New Orleans Pelicans get:
G/F Quincy Pondexter
2015 second round draft pick

Tayshaun Prince got to return to Detroit like Garnett did with the T-Wolves. Jeff Green was moved to a moving environment with the Grizzlies, who don’t need him to take 15 shots a game like he did in Boston. New Orleans got a key floor-spacer in Quincy Pondexter who is currently helping them try to secure a playoff spot.

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5. Suns – Bucks Trade Grade: B-

Phoenix Suns get:
G Brandon Knight
G Kendall Marshall

Milwaukee Bucks get:
G Michael Carter-Williams
G Tyler Ennis
F Miles Plumlee

Philadelphia 76ers get:
2015 first-round pick from Lakers

After sending Dragic and Thomas out, Phoenix locked in another solid guard in Brandon Knight. Philly, who never really believed in Michael Carter Williams and ended up trading him for a single pick from the Suns (originally from Lakers).

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4. Heat – Suns – Pelicans Trade Grade: A

Miami Heat get:
G Goran Dragic
G Zoran Dragic

Phoenix Suns get:
F Danny Granger
F John Salmons
2017 first-round pick from Heat
2019 first-round pick from Heat

New Orleans Pelicans get:
G Norris Cole
C Justin Hamilton
F Shawne Williams

Goran Dragic grew tired of the Suns’ reported lies that he would be the leader, so he requested a trade out of Phoenix to Miami. He got his wish, and Phoenix sent him and his brother, Zoran, to the Heat for Danny Grander. New Orleans also got in on the mix, acquiring Norris Cole, who couldn’t find consistent playing time on the Heat with Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, and Shabazz Napier on the team.

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3. Mavericks – Celtics Trade Grade: D

Dallas Mavericks get:
G Rajon Rondo
F Dwight Powell

Boston Celtics get:
G Jameer Nelson (later acquired by Nuggets)
F Jae Crowder
F Brandan Wright (later acquired by Suns)
2015 first-round draft pick
2016 second-round draft pick

Dallas tried to make their championship push when they acquired Rajon Rondo, who was on the trade block for years at the time. Sadly, he’s negatively influenced their offense and defense, but the Mavs still have faith in him for the playoffs. He doesn’t seem to fit into Carlisle’s system with ball dominant Monta Ellis on the team, but Mark Cuban is determined to make this relationship work for the long-term.

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2. Cavaliers – Knicks – Thunder Trade Grade: A

Cleveland Cavaliers get:
F/G J.R. Smith
G Iman Shumpert

Oklahoma City Thunder get:
G Dion Waiters

New York Knicks get:
F Lou Amundson
C Alex Kirk
2015 first-round pick (from Oklahoma City)
2019 second-round pick (from Cleveland)

The Cavaliers initially asked for then-injured Iman Shumpert, but New York would only give him up if Cleveland took the inconsistent J.R. Smith with him. LeBron James spoke high of Smith, and pushed the Cavs to acquire him first and Shumpert if they could. Both players play far better off the ball than when they try and create plays, which was the exact opposite of Dion Waiters’ game. Waiters needed the ball all the time to be effective, and although he had some good games with Cleveland this season, even Cavs fans could not see him in the foreseeable future if Cleveland was serious about winning a championship.

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1. Cavaliers – Nuggets Trade Grade: A+

Cleveland Cavaliers get:
C Timofey Mozgov

Denver Nuggets get:
Two protected 2015 first-round draft picks

Cleveland traded for the troubled Timofey Mozgov in early January, a player who wasn’t considered a big name or impact center back then. But Mozzy’s impact with the Cavs has shown that he was vastly misused with the Nuggets since acquiring him from the Knicks. David Blatt had the opportunity to coach Mozgov in the 2012 Olympics, and further pushed the Cavs management to acquire him for his huge seven foot frame and rim protection. He has changed the Cavs interior defense dramatically over the past couple of months, and Cleveland hasn’t lost at home Mozgov came on board.