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Top 10 Toughest Shots From Kyrie Irving’s 57-Point Night

Bill Baptist | Getty Images

Bill Baptist | Getty Images

On a night when most of the Cavaliers were out of sync, their lead point guard took charge and carried the team to a huge victory over the defending champions. Kyrie Irving was simply unconscious as he scored at will, overshadowing Tony Parker`s big night. It took Uncle Drew 20 made field goals to come up with most of his season, career, and all-time Cavalier high 57 points in San Antonio. It was a complete display of offensive genius featuring difficult, creative, and clutch baskets from the 22-year old phenom. We compiled a list of his ten biggest buckets from that historic night.

10 – 6th point

Kyrie Irving faked his way to taking the James Jones screen before going back the other way, euro-stepping around Tiago Splitter, and finishing with the left hand at the rim.

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