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Top 10 Three Point Shooters In The NBA

Stephen Dunn l Getty Images

Nowadays in the NBA, there is a hefty price tag for a player that can consistently make the three-point shot and also play above average defense. Since these abilities are hard to come by, teams are taking out their check books. Danny Green, a free agent from this summer, signed a $45 million deal over four years because of his ability to play consistent defense and convert on those threes. Some of the best marksmen in the league are older, already in their mid 30’s, but are able to remain a starter due to their shooting talents. This leads our focus towards the best three-point shooters from the previous season. As a note, all of the players listed in this top ten attempted at least 300 three-pointers last season. Click ahead to see the best from beyond the arc last season.

10. Mike Dunleavy, SF, Chicago Bulls

2014-2015 Stats: 9.4 PPG, 40.7% 3-PT
Career Stats: 11.7 PPG, 37.6% 3-PT

Dunleavy had a pretty good year from beyond the arc, beating his career average of 37.6% by shooting 40.7% from distance. He has always been one of the best at running through screens for the catch-and-shoot but he is simply getting old, as his scoring continues to drop by year. Despite this, he remains a starter due to his experience and shooting. He should continue to do damage with those rainmakers next season especially being fresh off a three-year $15 million extension with the Bulls.

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