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A lot has changed since the beginning of the season when we last checked the top teams and their Las Vegas odds to win a championship. We’ve got the updated teams and their odds as of Mid-March, starting with number 10:

10. Dallas Mavericks (42-25, 7th in West) – 40/1

Despite the Mavericks rough couple of games where they’ve lost five of seven, they still remain the number 10 team with the best chance at winning a championship at 40/1.

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9. Houston Rockets (44-22, 4th in West) – 30/1

The Rockets have kept themselves in the top of the West despite Dwight Howard missing more than 30 games with recurring injuries. James Harden has been on an MVP tear, and his play has given the Rockets a 30/1 chance to win a championship.

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8. Chicago Bulls (40-28, 4th in East) – 28/1

Derrick Rose needed surgery on his knee. Jimmy Butler needs time off with an elbow injury, Taj Gibson is still troubled by ankle injuries. And despite all of that, Chicago has the eighth best chance in the NBA to win an NBA Championship at 28/1.

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7. Los Angeles Clippers (42-25, 6th in West) – 20/1

Th Clippers held their fort as best they could without Blake Griffin, going 9-6 in 15 games, and lost Jamal Crawford in the middle of it all. When the Clippers are healthy, they can be as good as anyone in the NBA, but health will be their key. Currently sixth in the West, but expected to climb, the Clippers have a 20/1 chance to win an NBA Championship this year.

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6. Memphis Grizzlies (46-20, 2nd in West) – 12/1

Memphis has remained a solid contender for a championship over the past couple of years, but really haven’t been able to make noise with the Spurs and Thunder always coming out on top. This year, they’ve grabbed the second seed in the West behind the Warrios and that’s propelled them to 12/1 odds of winning an NBA Championship.

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5. San Antonio Spurs (41-24, 5th in West) – 10/1

After losing five of seven, San Antonio came back with a six game winning streak, which was almost seven games if Kyrie Irving hadn’t exploded for 57 points to beat them in overtime. Still, the defending NBA Champions have a 10/1 chance at winning and NBA Championship again this season if healthy.

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4. Atlanta Hawks (52-14, 1st in East) – 9/1

Who saw last year’s eighth seed being the clear-cut number one team in the East with an almost 10-game lead over the second seed. Did anyone even predict them winning 19 straight games this season? The Hawks ahve been their own biggest believers, and that’s what’s gotten them to a virtual tie with the Warriors for the number one overall seed and now with a 9/1 chance at an NBA Championship this season.

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3. Oklahoma City Thunder (37-29, 8th in West) – 13/2

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are a matchup nightmare for opponents. Even with the best defenders, those two can pick apart defenses easily. After Westbrook’s crazy triple double performances of late, he has the Thunder at a 13/2 chance of winning and NBA Championship this season.

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2. Golden State Warriors (52-13, 1st in West) – 9/2

There’s not much to dislike about the Warriors. They may play a little cocky, but the way they dismantle and pick apart their opponents gives them every right to. Stephen Curry is one of the top two clear-cut MVP contenders along with James Harden, and he’s lifted the Warriors to a 9/2 chance at winning an NBA Championship this season.

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1. Cleveland Cavaliers (43-25, 2nd in East) – 2/1

The Cleveland Cavaliers have come back from their rough 19-20 record in mid-January, winning 25 of their last 30 games, including a big win over the Spurs in San Antonio thanks to a 57-poitn night form Kyrie Irving. Their second seed and stellar play of late has helped them reclaim the top spot in Vegas’ odds to win an NBA championship at 2/1.