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Top 10 Players Who Should Retire At Season’s End

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The NBA’s got players playing older and older. If this list of players was a team put together in 2005, they would have beaten M.J.’s Bulls 72-win season record. It really is sad to see these players careers dwindling down the way they are now, compared to what they were at the beginning of their careers.

For the basketball fans of today, seeing a withered and old Shawn Marion or Richard Jefferson really doesn’t do anyone any favors. These players were elite in their prime and could most likely/need to call it a day (or a career, in this instance). We start with number 10:

10 – Elton Brand

The name ‘Elton Brand’ is simply irrelevant in the game of basketball in the current day. But in his prime, Brand was an elite power forward and put up nightly averages of 25 points and 10 boards a game for the Clippers in 2005.

Sadly, Brand only appeared in 36 games for the Atlanta Hawks this season and averaged a lowly 2.7 points and 2.8 rebounds per game. He’s not even a shade of his 20 point, 10 rebound self with the Clippers in the mid-2000s. Elton Brand needs to retire while we all still remember he still plays in the NBA.

You can find the ninth player most likely to retire at season’s end on the next page!

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