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Top 10 Player Power Rankings

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With less than a third of the NBA regular season remaining, the intensity is rising as teams are making their push for playoff positioning. The best of the best individual players are all shining the brightest in crunch time, with each of them standing out and helping their teams win in different ways. Here are Cavs Nation’s player power rankings heading into the race to the playoffs:

10. Kyrie Irving

After aggravating his shoulder, Kyrie Irving’s presence was sorely missed this week against the Pacers and Rockets. His ball handling skills are widely regarded as the best in the NBA, and his ability to finish at the rim and in traffic are being compared to Tony Parker. He has improved his effort on the defensive end this year, which has helped the Cavs to increase their tempo. He is thriving in the fast-paced Cavs offense, whether he has the ball and is attacking the rim, or if he is spotting up for open 3s. If he is healthy, he is as difficult to stay in front of as any point guard in the league.

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