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Top 10 Performances in Cavalier History

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With Kyrie Irving’s recent 55-point explosion still fresh in our minds, we wanted to list down the ten best single game performances in Cavalier history and see how Uncle Drew’s Kyridiculous performance stacks up against the best that other Cavalier players past and present had to offer. Other factors outside the box-score were also considered in determining this list such as the gravity of each game’s situation and the player’s status. We start the countdown with the number 10 performance:

10. November 13, 2012 vs. Brooklyn Nets; Anderson Varejao: 35 points, 18 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 76% FG

Anderson Varejao was a man possessed producing Shaq-like numbers in a Cavalier loss to the Nets. He scored a career-high 35 points shooting 76% from the field while going beast mode off the glass with 18 rebounds. The Wild Thing was let loose in Brooklyn.

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