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Top 10 Greatest Kyrie Irving 1-on-1 Plays

Kyrie Irving is quite an offensive talent. One of the best actually. He can play around with his defender using an array of dribbling exhibitions. He can stop on a dime and knock down shots so smooth you wouldn’t realize the full degree of difficulty. He also has unlimited range. It is extremely difficult to spot a weakness in his offensive game. Over four years, KI has amassed countless of highlights showcasing his flashy isolations, big game buckets, and killer crossovers. Now, we count down Uncle Drew’s ten best career one-on-one plays.

10. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Kyrie Irving took Pablo Prigioni out to school and while Tristan Thompson’s screen might have helped a bit, it looked like Irving knew exactly what to do to with the magic tricks that he has up his sleeve.

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