Kyrie Irving is quite an offensive talent. One of the best actually. He can play around with his defender using an array of dribbling exhibitions. He can stop on a dime and knock down shots so smooth you wouldn’t realize the full degree of difficulty. He also has unlimited range. It is extremely difficult to spot a weakness in his offensive game. Over four years, KI has amassed countless of highlights showcasing his flashy isolations, big game buckets, and killer crossovers. Now, we count down Uncle Drew’s ten best career one-on-one plays.

10. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Kyrie Irving took Pablo Prigioni out to school and while Tristan Thompson’s screen might have helped a bit, it looked like Irving knew exactly what to do to with the magic tricks that he has up his sleeve.

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9. Kyrie Shakes Off NBA Stars at USA Scrimmage

At a Team USA Scrimmage during the Summer of 2012, Kyrie Irving shows off his array of moves against some of the NBA’s best! He crosses and twirls around the likes of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and more!

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8. Kyrie Irving Up and Under the Wall

On a fast-break, Kyrie Irving takes John Wall to the basket. He fakes the layup on the left side of the basket, tricking Wall into jumping for the block, before finishing on the right side of the rim. What made this even more impressive is the ability draw the foul and finish the play!

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7. Smooth As Silk

Kyrie executed this beautiful move over Damian Lillard with an orchestra playing in the background. He made it look so easy despite the degree of difficulty and Dame knew very well that he was schooled. Poetry in motion.

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6. Kyrie Knows Clutch

Kyrie Irving is very familiar with pressure situations and he proved it one more time in a double overtime win against the Sixers. Talk about focus. Kyrie never lost his grip even when Sixer jerseys were looking to swarm him and he kept himself on attack mode until he gets to the basket for the game winning layup.

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5 – Colder Than The Cold North

Another dagger that won the game for the Cavaliers. As soon as he got the ball, Kyrie knew well ahead of anyone else what he would do to poor Alan Anderson and the Raptors. That’s Mr. Fourth Quarter capping off another day at the office.

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4 – Fake-Shake-Bake-Make
First was the fake, then the slight shake and bake, then the deadly spin, and finally overpowering his defender for the make. Kyrie Irving made mincemeat of a helpless Willie Green’s defense and the latter turned into a spectator with his headache inducing spin move.

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3. Kyrie Irving Takes on the Spurs!

Kyrie Irving, up to his old tricks again, half-spins to fake out his defender, then fakes back left, splits the double team, recovers, and finishes over the defender at the rim!

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2. A Knight’s Fall

Kyrie Irving is a mean person by embarrassing Brandon Knight the way he did in the video. He simply had no regard for the poor fellow as he pulled off some ruthless dribbles to land him on his behind. Ironically, in a game specially held for the rising stars, a Knight fell.

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1. One For The Ages

This obviously lacks the nifty dribbles, flashy spins, and what not but the gravity of the shot both for Kyrie and the Cavaliers exponentially bumps it to the top of the list. Cavalier record, career high in points and threes made, and game winner all in one Kyriediculous package.