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Perhaps the most notable of JR Smith’s accolades is his Sixth Man of the Year award he won during the 2012-2013 season. He was the New York Knicks’ second best player behind Carmelo Anthony, with averages of 18 points and five rebounds a game, including two buzzer-beating game-winners that year. However, during the summer after that season, Smith underwent knee surgery, which may have shaken up his play.

J.R. Smith has found a new niche with the Cavs; a spot-up shooting role that the Cavs wanted out of Dion Waiters. He’s fulfilling his role well, but his divergence away from high-flying athleticism leaves a bit to be desired. We take a look at J.R. Smith’s Top 10 career dunks, starting with number 10:

10) Double Alley-oop With Iman Shumpert

Smith grabs the deflected pass from the Pistons and starts the fast-break. With Iman Shumpert running with him, Smith throws the alley-oop up to Shump, who in turn throws it back up to Smith for the slam.

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9) Reverse Alley Oop Slam in Transition

J.R. steals a pass and tip-toes the sideline until he regains control of himself and the ball. He gives it up early to Gary Forbes who immediately throws it up for Smith’s reverse dunk.

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8) Two Handed Windmill Slam

After taking a bad three-pointer, Smith gets the long rebound off a deflection, drives to the basket, and stuffs it down with a windmill.

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7) Reverse Alley-oop Off A Short Lob

Knicks point guard Pablo Prigioni finds a cutting Smith wide-open on the backdoor and throws it up to him. J.R. does the rest with a reverse slam.

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6) Poster Dunk On Shot Blocker, Greg Stiemsma

J.R. Smith controlled the ball on the left wing, and looked ready to take a Carmelo Anthony screen. Smith quickly turns away from the screen, goes hard towards the basket and gives the defending Greg Stiemsma a Kodak moment.

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5) Switch-Hand Dunk Over Ian Mahinmi

In a playoff game against the Indiana Pacers, Smith fakes going to the top of the key, spins and heads towards the basket aggressively before taking off for the off-handed slam over the defending Ian Mahinmi.

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4) Vicious Slam Over Jeff Green

In a playoff game against the Boston Celtics, Smith drives towards the middle and pauses with hesitation dribble. That was enough for the defender to give him an opening, which J.R. gladly took on his way to a dunk next to opposing Jeff Green to pump up the Madison Square Garden crowd.

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3) Switch-Hand Windmill Slam After Killer Crossover On Anthony Bennett

J.R. Smith finds himself with a mismatch as he’d being defended by the bigger and slower Anthony Bennett. Smith uses a couple of crossover dribbles and drives baseline to deliver the beautiful, windmill slam after switching hands in mid-air.

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2) Reverse Windmill Slam

In a matchup against the Miami Heat in the 2012 Playoffs, J.R. Smith drives his way past LeBron James, goes under the basket using the baseline before rising up for a double-pump, sideways dunk.

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1) Incredible Two-Handed Poster Slam Over Gary Neal

With just over six seconds left in the first quarter, Al Harrington inbounds the ball to J.R. Smith, who dribbles the length of the court quickly. Normally, we’d see J.R. shoot a three-pointer, but not in this instance. Smith saw an opening in the San Antonio defense and took advantage while posterizing Gary Neal with a two-handed slam in the process.