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Top 10 Contenders for Defensive Player Of The Year

Mike Ehrmann | Getty Images

9. Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside has had a huge coming out party this season. Vastly unknown and known as cocky as well as arrogant, Whiteside’s mentors have brought him down to earth. His appreciation for his position is why he is where he is. After a very slow start where he was just signed as a backup in case of an injury, Whiteside, now a full-time starter, is averaging 10.1 rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game and allowing opponents to shoot just 46.5% at the rim. When he’s defending an opponent’s shot, that player shoots the ball at 43.5%, which is solid for a big man. If Whiteside helps the Heat into the playoffs, he has a chance to win this award. He’s a more likely candidate for the Most Improved Player Award though.

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