With tonight’s showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, we’ll witness a clash between LeBron’s current and former flagship teams. Although Chris Bosh holds an all-star spot and Kevin Love doesn’t, these two will be a focal matchup in tonight’s game, especially with Dwyane Wade out. With that, Cavs Nation brings you a comparison of top plays between the two power forwards, from their special unique plays, to their own spotlight-stealing game-winners. Star the countdown at 10 on the next page!

10) Alley Oop Dunk Vs Defense

9) Pass

8) Baseline Dunk vs Hammer In Traffic

7) Dunk In Traffic Vs Dunk In Transition

6) Tough Off Balance Shots

5) Circus Shots

4) Posterizing Dunks

3) Clutch Shots

2) Clutch Game – Tying Three pointers

1) Clutch Buzzer Beating Game Winners