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Tony Kornheiser wants to see LeBron James pick Kyrie Irving to his All-Star team

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The NBA All-Star Game is many months away but people are talking about it now like it’s about to happen next weekend. This is happening because the NBA recently announced changes in the event that it hopes would add more spice to the game and a little bit more drama and enough motivation for players to avoid treating it for granted so clearly.

At least for the 2018 All-Star Game, teams are not going to be divided based on players’ conference affiliations. Instead, team captains will get to pick their own players via a draft. And as early as now, fans are trying to make up imaginary scenarios come the All-Star draft day. Kevin Love, for one, thinks his teammate LeBron James, if named a captain, will try his mighty best to bring his famed Banana Boat gang into one team.

That’s not as petty as what ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser has in mind, however. During Tuesday’s episode of Pardon The Interruption, Kornheiser has the following interesting suggestion:

“Whoever is the captain opposite LeBron just has to keep refusing to pick Kyrie Irving so that Kyrie Irving ends up playing with LeBron and that would make me smile.”

Either Tony Kornheiser has deep-seated desires to be a telenovela writer or that he just likes seeing people act like high schoolers, this is something that is best responded with a sheepish smile because however you view the relationship of James and Irving, this is going to be so awkward, it’s fun to see.

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