It seems the holidays can bring out the best in everyone. Often times, kind gestures, gifts, or family gatherings are the conduits for lasting memories.

Occasions such as these require preparation. Well, if you were lucky enough to be at Giant Eagle’s West 117th and I-90 location grocery shopping last Friday, greeting you at the check-out counter would have been possibly the tallest bagger ever: Cleveland center Timofey Mozgov.

Mozgov, wearing the largest apron available (I assume) and a wine and gold Cavs toboggan, made a surprise appearance to volunteer his time and money to what would have been paying customers.




As shoppers placed their items on the conveyer belt, some reached for their wallets or credit card to pay. The humble big man from Russia simply told them, “Do you have your Giant Eagle card? We’ll take care of you today”. Mozzy then proceeded to assist in bagging their haul and foot the entire bill.

In partnership, Nestle Toll House and the Cavaliers – via their Season of Giving program, handed out Cavs goodie bags to the surprised customers as they were leaving.

Timo spoke with Cavs TV after the event:

“I like it, you know? People smile. You can make people feel better for the rest of their lives. It is a big deal.”