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The Top 7 Cavs Haters And Critics

Horford sis 2

Over the years we have heard many people hate on Cleveland, the Cavs and their players. It is common for people to hate when a team is hot or winning. Us Cavs fans usually don’t make much of it, but it is interesting to reminisce and look back at who the real Cavs haters are. Here is a list of people who have openly hated on the Cavs.

7. Anna Horford

This first one isn’t your household NBA name or analyst; instead, its the sister of Hawks talented forward/center Al Horford.

By the looks of it, she hates Cleveland and Matthew Dellavedova almost as much as Joakim Noah, but its still a toss up. Guess she must still be a little salty about the 4-0 sweep the Hawks received courtesy of the Cavs.

Horford sis 2

Horford sis 1

Horford sis 3

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