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The Three Best Possible 1st Round Matchups for Cleveland

Washington Wizards

“But…But… These guys were on your “Worst Possible Matchups list!”

How can a team be both a favorable matchup, as well as something to try and avoid? Again, on any given night, the Wizards can be one of two teams. Cleveland proved on March 4th that they wouldn’t be fooled by John Wall’s trickery again. Just as Cleveland is often ragged on for being soft, so is Washington. Their starting backcourt is injury prone, Beal already losing half of the season. Nene is just a more effective Kendrick Perkins, and Markieff Morris, while a great player even considered by the Cavs, still gets dominated by LeBron at the four.

The Wizards are worse than they were last year, and while they decide if they want to rebuild or compete, their current level of play shows they’re doing neither.

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