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The Three Best Possible 1st Round Matchups for Cleveland

Charlotte Hornets

The Cavs dropped a game to Charlotte back about a month ago, breaking LeBron’s 16-game winning streak against the franchise. Regardless, in a seven-game series, it’s unlikely Charlotte would pull any surprises. Charlotte competing this year is a shock. The team lost Al Jefferson to injury and then suspension. MKG who is clearly the star of that team went down early and has recently fallen again. Even Kemba Walker has been forced to share minutes with Jeremy Lin, who’s made it in the NBA (Congrats, that’s linsane!).

What might make Charlotte an interesting matchup with Cleveland isn’t that the Cavs can take advantage of the banged up team, but that the Hornets are very similar to the Cavs when it comes to the team’s physiology. Undersized shooting guard in a point guard’s body, but anyone would take Kyrie over Kemba any day. Energy big man who grabs boards and can hit a three, Love beats out Frank the Tank nine times out of 10. Thompson or Zeller? Hawes or Mozgov? The list goes on. The Cavs have little trouble thrashing these off-brand title pretenders healthy, without MKG it’s all but assured that this series would be a sweep.

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