Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers had a horrible playoff run and is rumored to be traded. The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a great position to make a move for him. Although the Sixers’ point guard had a tough playoff run he is still a great player and just needs a new situation. The Cavs could be that team to offer him a fresh atmosphere for him to thrive in.

Simmons is one of the best defensive players in the league and a gifted passer. While he may not have a jump shot he is still an All-Star player and has a ton of room to improve.

He finished second in Defensive Player of the Year and has the ability to guard one through five. Simmons is already a great finisher at the rim and in a new situation, he could become a better offensive player.

What would the Cavs have to give up for Ben Simmons?

Obviously, Simmons’ trade value was heavily diminished in the playoffs but he still has solid trade value. The 76ers wouldn’t give him away for nothing as they are trying to add a piece to win a championship. Even though the Cavs don’t have a star to trade in return, they could help the 76ers improve.

The perfect trade the Cavs must offer the Sixers for Simmons

There have been rumors about Cavs guard Collin Sexton being on the move in the offseason. He could be the main piece of the trade as he is a good young player that is a shot-maker. The 76ers desperately need another guy that can score for themselves and Sexton fits that to perfection. He averaged 24.3 points per game on 37.1 percent from the three-point line. While Sexton isn’t nearly the passer that Simmons is he still averaged 4.4 assists per game which provides decent playmaking.

The Cavs have a similar player in Darius Garland on the roster which is why it would make sense to part with Sexton. Although Sexton would fit well with the 76ers the Cavs would still need to give up more in the deal. They would likely have to include a future first-round pick and potentially a veteran player like forward Taurean Prince. A trade like this would be beneficial for both teams for now and the future.

For the Cavs, they would have someone that would compliment Garland really well. Simmons may not be the right fit for the 76ers but in the right scheme, he can be a superstar. The 76ers would be getting an up-and-coming guard that is already a great scorer. He can score from anywhere and could help the team become true championship contenders.

What would the Cavs’ future look like with Simmons?

The Cavs could finally have a direction if they are able to make this deal for Simmons. They also possess the No. 3 overall pick in this year’s draft and that selection could help the team be competitive, beginning in the 2021-22 NBA season. Simmons alongside Garland and whoever they select in the draft would be a great trio. If the Cavs can retain center Jarrett Allen in free agency the team could make a playoff push next season.

Simmons would be a low-risk high-reward player for the Cavs as they want to trade Sexton anyway. It’s hard to keep drafting players and hope for development which makes the trade for Simmons make sense.

If the Cavs can make this trade for Simmons, they will not regret it.