The NBA rumor mill is already buzzing and we’re not even finished with the postseason yet. The Portland Trail Blazers have been making their rounds on social media, as many speculate the front office will look to make a blockbuster trade. To boot, Damian Lillard is reportedly not pleased. Could the Cavs actually trade for the superstar?

Cleveland could be looking to make a big move. It’s already known the front office is shopping around Collin Sexton, and it’s rumored they’re fielding offers for the third pick overall in the 2021 NBA Draft. The roster is incredibly young and it sounds like they’re interested in obtaining a star veteran to the team.

It’ll be difficult to obtain Lillard though, as the Portland Trail Blazers are close to becoming a championship-caliber team. Trading Lillard means they’re possibly entering a rebuild, so we’ll see how that plays out. This would be an incredible move for the Cavs, as adding Lillard to the roster could immediately take them from the bottom to a playoff contender. With that said, here is the perfect trade the Cavs must offer the Blazers for Damian Lillard.

Trade Collin Sexton, Kevin Love, 2021 3rd overall pick, & a 2022 first-round pick

With Collin Sexton already on the trade block and Kevin Love struggling to stay healthy, it only makes sense for the Cavaliers to give up these two players. Sexton has the ability to play point guard and fill in Lillard’s shoes in Portland, while Love can be a nice power forward or potential trade piece. To make the deal go through, the Cavs must give up the third overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft while also including an additional future first-round pick.

Portland would acquire a young guard with superstar potential, a veteran power forward they desperately need, and the draft stock to add a top prospect to the roster. The Trail Blazers would likely still be competitive while building a new foundation simultaneously.

Cleveland is giving up quite a bit in this trade, but acquiring Damian Lillard is more than worth it. The Cavs would have Lillard and Darius Garland locking down the backcourt, making them one of the best duos in the league. Isaac Okoro will likely develop and could contribute as a solid small forward. The front office is likely to re-sign Jarrett Allen, giving the Cavaliers a center to dominate the paint.

This of course isn’t including anyone the Cavs may acquire in free agency either. Damian Lillard could attract some attention for Cleveland to sign another big-name player, allowing the front office to flip the franchise around this offseason. We’ll see what happens though, as multiple other teams are rumored to be interested in trading for Lillard.

Additionally, the Blazers don’t seem too keen on the idea of trading him, but if the right offer comes to their doorstep, they might have to reconsider. The idea of acquiring multiple prospects while remaining competitive might be too good for them to pass up. Keep a close eye on the situation in Portland. As for the Cavs, getting Dame would be an absolute dream.