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The J.R. Smith Situation For The Cavs

J.R. Smith

The Cleveland Cavaliers received what proved to be a huge boost to their roster in the middle of last season. This huge help was none other than J.R. Smith. It’s true that he does have some issues on the court and a few off the court. Heck, even Phil Jackson, who is now the President of the New York Knicks, had some interesting things to say about him the player he traded away mid-season.

“J.R. had been exhibiting delinquent behavior and had gotten into the habit of coming in late to team meetings, or missing them altogether.”

There was also an incident before the trade that most likely made the New York Knicks expedite the trade process and send J.R. to Cleveland.

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“On New Year’s Eve, we played an afternoon game in L.A. against the Clippers. We stayed overnight in L.A. on New Year’s Eve, so whatever might go on probably doesn’t help that we have a game the next day. I asked Fish what players were the biggest distractions. He said that although J.R. never talked back to him, he always walked around under a dark cloud. Derek was worried that negative energy was contagious.”

The New York Knicks proved to be a bad fit J.R. Smith and New York City was not the ideal place for him in this stage of his career. Smith seems to get a bit distracted by the party scene, the women, and the alcohol. However, his talent level is undeniable. Cavs General Manager David Griffin saw this and decided to roll the dice to bring Smith to Cleveland. He made the right decision because Smith was a catalyst in the Cavaliers making a NBA Finals run last season.

Smith’s decision to opt out hurt the Cavs at first because it gave them one more player to worry about in free agency. But Sam Amico reports that the Cavs are actually waiting for the market to dictate Smith’s contract.

Here are three reasons why the Cavs should re-sign Smith and bring him back to the Cavaliers for next season!

1. J.R. Smith is clutch. He makes big shots and had one bad series.

J.R. Smith is one of the most talented players in the NBA. When his head is on straight the guy is unstoppable. He can heat up in a hurry. As he showcased throughout his career and especially last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He got a chance to play more in the limelight and big stage and he was able to show what he can do. He earned more respect throughout the sports world and NBA Circles for his play and professionalism last year. At some point we all have to man up and grow up. Smith knows what position he is in and he knows he can really make some noise in his career if he signs with the Cavs.

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