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The Evolution of LeBron James

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If you are from northeast Ohio and are a Cavs fan (you should be) like me, then you might be fascinated by the route that LeBron James has taken to get himself, the Cavaliers, and the city of Cleveland to the point that it’s at now. From state championships and Sports Illustrated covers to MVP’s and gold medals. From the burning of jerseys and seething hatred to the renewed adoration and unlimited hope, the journey that LeBron has taken this city on has been one of a kind. Here is a brief look at that journey:


The attention that LeBron was given in high school was, and probably still is, unprecedented for any athlete of any sport. He led St. Vincent-St. Mary high school in north Akron to three state championships, won three Mr. Basketball awards, and for those who saw him live, he made sure they got their money’s worth before the game even started. His team was a spectacle. Their high school gymnasium became useless other than for practice because it wouldn’t accommodate the crowds that came to see him play. All of northeast Ohio knew that something special was going to happen with LeBron James, but nobody at the time imagined that it would have happened at home.

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