The Cleveland Cavaliers were a highlight factory during the NBA, leaving no shortage of footage that could be aired countless times over this summer. We’ve narrowed down the craziest plays of the season and playoffs into a 10 jam packed plays. We start with number 10:

10. The King reverses a sun

LeBron drives baseline and reverses it against the Suns, his first game after an injury.

9. Watch out Philly, it’s dizzy here

Kyrie shows his dribbles moves by dribbling through the whole sixers defense.

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8. Watching is necessary

LeBron with the perfect no look behind the head pass to Mozgov.

7. That’s NBA Finals mentality

Mozgov blocks Andre Iguodala off the glass, when Iggy thought he had an open layup.

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6. Bring more Bulls!

Kyrie Irving dribbles and scores an incredible reverse layup against the Bulls.

5. A true hero

Dellavedova scores an amazing circus shot plus the foul, in a game we’ll all remember.

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4. The return to MSG

Shumpert and J.R.Smith work together to create an amazing play against their former team.

3. Forcing OT in at&t

Kyrie Irving made every single shot that night including an overtime forcer against the Spurs.

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2. When the lion devoured the Hawk

LeBron drives and throws the monster slam on Muscala while the Q goes loud.

1.The crowd silencer in Chicago

LeBron scores an amazing game winner against the Bulls to tie the series at 2-2.