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The Cleveland Cavaliers were welcomed to the NBA in the 1970 season. Since that season, the Cavs have worn a combined 32 different jerseys. We’re lucky enough to have one of the best color combo’s in the league, allowing our design staff to bring out a bunch of different jerseys every few years.

While some of them were head scratching ‘what were you thinking?’ designs, we have been blessed with multiple fantastic designs. Below we’ll work our way through Cleveland’s top ten aesthetically pleasing uniforms. Enjoy!

10. – 2014-Present Road Alternates

Ok, so these jerseys didn’t get off to a fantastic start with the shock home loss on opening night to the lowly Knicks. But for the Cavs to rock them on such a huge night must mean that they are liked by management and everyone else close to that position.

They might not have got off to a fantastic start, but they sure finished on high note. The Cavs rocked these on most nights in the East semi’s against the Bulls, including the LeBron dagger at the buzzer.

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9. – 1983-87 Road

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of the jerseys with a bold CAVS emblazoned across the front. The Cavs introduced a very 80’s inspired all orange look in 1983, the brought them back as alternates for the 2006-07 season.

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8. – 2012-Present Home Alternates

I won’t lie, when I originally saw these my first thought was ‘well that’s a hell of a lot of yellow’. I didn’t like them, and according to Cavs fans all around the world I wasn’t the only one.

However, these have definitely grown on me, and seem to have done so with the rest of Cavs Nation as one of the best looking jerseys the Cavs have worn in a couple years.

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7. – 1974-81 Road

Throughout the years the Cavs have chosen to replicate the side pattern of this jersey, so it definitely left its mark.

Cavs greats like Austin Carr, Jim Chones, Campy Russell, Bingo Smith and Nate Thurmond rocked this one, so it simply had to make the list.

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6. – 2003-10 Home

Whoever designed the 2003-10 jerseys should be awarded with a key to the city, and the Q. The home, away, and alternate (#2 on this list) were all spot on.

LeBron and his list of ever-changing sidekicks really performed well while rocking these wine and gold uniforms. Over seven seasons the Cavs went 349-225 in these uniforms, including 66 and 61 win seasons.

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5. – 1987-89 Road

This bold jersey only last two seasons before being given the shaft. Cleveland decided to change the ‘CAVS’ on the front to ‘Cleveland’ as most away uni’s sport the team’s city rather than nickname.

They were actually brought back in the ’08-09 season as a ‘Hardwood Classic’ jersey. Who can forget Shaq rocking one of these?!

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4. – 2003-10 Road

What better way to bring in a new generation of Cavs basketball than drafting LeBron James, and introducing a new jersey design in the same few months?

The Cavs hit a home run with the new designs in 2003, and stayed unchanged for 7 seasons. Those seven seasons in the same uniform is the longest the Cavs have lasted without change in the history of Cleveland basketball

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3. – 1994-97 Home

Ah the 90’s. If you forgot what the 90’s looked like, the Cavs had it nailed on these designs.

Not only was this one of our best jerseys, but arguably the most loved Cavalier of all-time, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, wore this in his debut season. Mark Price also retired in these designs. Oh, the memories.

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2. – 2005-10 Alternate

In this jersey we got to see LeBron James’ best ever performance, which helps bring this one up the list. Two words, ‘Game 5’.

The Cavaliers wore this jersey with pride for five season before retiring it. Those years were full of good times, which were also retired when this jersey was put to bed. Was it really LeBron leaving for college that ensued four horrible seasons, or the retirement of this jersey?

You be the judge.

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1. – 2009/10 CavFanatic

The Cavs went through a stage where a home and an away uniform just wasn’t enough. In the 09/10 season, the Cavs wore as many as 5 uni’s, this one is my favourite of all time.

Rocking a piece of history with the wine and gold of old, and a bold CAVS across the front, “what’s not to love?” Not onle did the Cavs look at their best in this jersey, but they performed just as well. Cleveland finished the season with an NBA best 61-21 record.