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The 5 Best Playoff Duos


The first round of the NBA playoffs is nearly over, as four of the eight teams have already advanced to the second round. Cleveland, Washington, Golden State, and Houston are the four teams awaiting either the Bucks or Bulls, Hawks or Nets, Grizzlies of Blazers, and Los Angeles or San Antonio. In what has been quite the interesting first round, we look at the top five playoff duos in the NBA so far, starting with number five:

5. James Harden and Dwight Howard

Harden: 28.4 pts, 3.8 reb, 7.8 ast, 1.2 stl
Howard: 16.6 pts, 13.8 reb, 1.2 ast, 1.6 stl, 3.0 blk

James Harden and Dwight Howard, a duo that we haven’t seen often this season due to Howard’s recurring injuries, have been one of the best duos this postseason. They’re doing everything offensively and defensively, and they defeated the Mavericks handily in five games. Harden, Howard, and the Rockets will be facing either the San Antonio Spurs or the Lost Angeles Clippers in the second round next week.

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