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The 11 Worst Contracts In NBA History

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The NBA has had some great players over the past couple of years, and they were some of the highest paid players in the league. Unfortunately, there are also those, who performed great for just a year or two before inking a large contract and playing at a low level due to age, injuries, or even both. We’ve got the 11 worst contracts in NBA history, plus a bonus horrible contract requested by popular demand. We start with number 12:

12. Josh Smith – 4 Years, $54 million

Josh Smith built his career as a two-way player in Atlanta, but ultimately decided he wanted to be “The Guy” in the north with the Detroit Pistons. Smith was the only player to average 15 points, seven rebounds, three assists, two blocks, and a steal per game since blocks and steals became an official league statistic over 40 years ago. Detroit was convinced of Smith’s potential, and signed him to a four year, $54 million contract that, from the start, seemed like a large sum for a guy who loved taking perimeter shots he proved he couldn’t make.

Smith was a bust alongside Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, as it was clear one of the three had to go in order for the Pistons to succeed. After Stan Van Gundy took over, Smith’s time was numbered, and he was considered such a cancer to the team that he was waived with two years and more than $26 million left on his contract. Clearly, Smith’s place in the NBA is not as a star player.

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