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The 10 Worst 2015 NBA Playoff Injuries

Matthew Emmons | USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a crazy postseason not only for the Cleveland Cavaliers but for the other teams as well in terms of their roster’s health. The injury bug has hit the NBA like a plague this season as players are going down one by one along with their team’s chances of winning a series and it has been about survival of the fittest. On that note, we identified the worst of the worst injuries that the 2015 playoffs has to offer and hopefully the list stops to grow in this final round. We start with number 10:

10 – Chandler Parsons (right knee)

In the Mavericks’ first round matchup against the Rockets, Chandler Parsons was already toughing it out amidst a damaged cartilage in his knee. Unfortunately, he aggravated the injury when he landed after making a dunk in Game One. Dallas went on to lose the series in five games.

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