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The 10 Most Improved Teams Of 2014-15 From Last Season

David Liam Kyle | Getty Images

3 – Cleveland Cavaliers

2013-2014 win-loss record: 33-49

2014-2015 win-loss record: 53-29

Obviously, the biggest reason for the Cavaliers’ turnaround is when LeBron James decided to come home. The controversial and, up to now, debatable trade for Kevin Love also gave the team a big boost despite the expected dip in Love’s performance. It’s also hard to miss out Kyrie Irving’s new found commitment on defense which is an undeniably huge factor in the Cavs’ winning ways. The Wine and Gold saw several leaps in a number of relevant categories such as points per game (22nd last year to 9th this season), assists (20th last year to 10th this season), free throw attempts (18th last year to 11th this season), and three pointers made (18th last year to 4th this year). The icing on the cake for the Cavs’ roster was probably the addition of starters JR Smith and Timofey Mozgov and bench stopper Iman Shumpert as their addition to the lineup ushered in a fresh start for the then-underachieving Cavaliers. To say the least, the current starting lineup of Cleveland has been on a rampage ever since its assembly.

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