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The 10 Most Improved Teams Of 2014-15 From Last Season

Jennifer Stewart | USA TODAY Sports

4 – Golden State Warriors

2013-2014 win-loss record: 51-31

2014-2015 win-loss record: 67-15

The Golden State Warriors made an exceptionally huge transformation from being a good team to a great team on both ends of the floor. They already had formidable rankings in certain categories last year but they chose to up the ante. As a result, the numbers are as follows – from 10th to 2nd in blocks, 13th to 4th in steals, 7th to 1st in assists, and 19th to 9th in free throw percentage. All while being the best shooting team in the league from all areas on the floor. Their display of excellence is being driven by a rookie coach in Steve Kerr, an MVP frontrunner in Stephen Curry, one of the league`s best shooters in Klay Thompson, and a breakthrough do-it-all forward in Draymond Green.

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