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The 10 Most Improved Teams Of 2014-15 From Last Season

Mark L. Baer | USA TODAY Sports

5 – Boston Celtics

2013-2014 win-loss record: 25-57

2014-2015 win-loss record: 40-42

If I were to choose who Boston’s MVP or Most Valuable Personnel is, it has to be Coach Brad Stevens. The Celtics went from letting go of Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green, as they already looked towards the lottery, to securing a playoff berth late in the season. It`s ironic that when the C`s were already being penciled to be in the lottery, they found their savior in a former 60th pick – that`s dead last to those who are not aware. Isiah Thomas is leading the green attack by scoring 19.5 points, dishing 5.4 assists, and draining 2.3 threes since arriving in Boston. The Beantown Boys also improved dramatically in certain categories when comparing numbers from last year – 28th to 3rd in steals, 27th to 10th in turnovers, and 22nd to 5th in assists. To top it all off, they are the 3rd best team in defending the three point line.

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