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The 10 Most Improved Teams Of 2014-15 From Last Season

Tim Fuller | USA TODAY Sports

The 2014-2015 NBA wars has brought new beginnings to a number of franchises looking for that ticket to the next level. Players switch uniforms, team chemistry improves, youngsters come out of their cocoons, then-no name players find their niche, and old veterans discover the fire for that one last kick. We take a look at the ten teams who made the biggest leap from their previous campaigns to this season’s.

Note: Two other teams in the Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers had the same increase in wins as the Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards but the Magic and Sixers did not make the list as they weren’t in playoff race for much of the season.

10 – Detroit Pistons

2013-2014 win-loss record: 29-53

2014-2015 win-loss record: 32-50

The Pistons started the season poorly, going 5-23, but a bold move in releasing versatile forward Josh Smith for nothing paid dividends for the team as they went 26-27 from then on. As good as he is, Smith just wasn’t the right fit in Stan Van Gundy`s scheme of things. Detroit suffered a setback when they lost Brandon Jennings to a season ending injury but a midseason trade enabled them to land a promising point guard who knows how to win in Reggie Jackson. They have proven to be Piston-powered off the glass as they are the best offensive rebounding team in the league while ranking 4th in total rebounds. It also helps that Greg Monroe is playing for a contract.

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