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The NBA has been in existence for quite awhile now. It is obvious over the years that fads and styles have changed. One particular style we love to look at is hair. There are hundreds of different hairstyles. Over the past couple decades we have seen some pretty crazy and iconic ones. Here is my top 10:

10. Larry Bird’s Mullet

A legendary player with a legendary haircut. Bird is without a doubt one of the greatest players ever. He didn’t always have this do, but man was it awesome when he did.

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9. Chris Douglas-Roberts’ Shaggy Locks

This one got a lot of attention because of its comparison to a cartoon character from the show “Rocket Power”. Chris Douglas-Roberts had this hairdo for a while, beginning in Charlotte.

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8. Evan Fournier’s Little Pony

Fournier’s style is a fad right now, shaved sides with a ponytail on top. He has sported this look for a while including his tenure with Denver and now Orlando. It is not a crazy look, but a subtle and interesting one.

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7. Ben Wallace’s Afro

Big Ben sported this Afro for the duration of his career. It was so popular that the Cavaliers did a Ben Wallace wig giveaway at a regular season game.

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6. Michael “Sideshow” Beasley

I’m not even really sure I consider this an Afro. Quite honestly I don’t know what it is. It makes him look like sideshow Bob from the Simpsons. Beasley has had this for quite some time now but usually keeps it down with cornrows. Either way it’s pretty awesome.

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5. Andrew Bynum’s…Something

This incredibly ridiculous and bad-looking hairdo has gotten looked over because of Bynum’s absence from the NBA. But man, when he was sitting on the sidelines, it didn’t look any better. Bynum had two highly questionable hairdos during his time with the 76ers, a team whom he never played for.

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4. Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s Mohawk

The Birdman had his Mohawk for his tenure in Denver and a portion of his time in Miami. It really goes nicely with his tattoos and beard when he grows it out. It serves as an intimidating look when guards drive into the paint.

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3. Iman Shumpert’s Flat Top

A retro look, Iman has owned this hairdo. It is very popular around the league. Shump has had it nearly his entire career and it has served as his trademark.

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2. Ron Artest’s Designs

Metta World Peace, formerly Ron Artest, always had one of the craziest hairdos. It wasn’t necessarily the way it was styled, but more of

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1. Dennis “Rainbow” Rodman

Easily the best hair in NBA history. Rodman did not always have this hair, only with the Chicago Bulls. The cut surely matches his personality. Not only is Dennis one of the best role players in NBA history, but also he gets my vote for best hairdo.