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The 10 Best 2015 Postseason MVP’s

Derick E. Hingle | USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Playoffs is the time for great players to have great moments. Only half way through the 2015 playoffs we have seen extraordinary plays and performances. It is during this time of year that legends are made and history is written. No champion has been crowed yet, but here are the top 10 MVP’s of the playoffs thus far:

10. Anthony DavisNew Orleans Pelicans

It may seem a bit strange to see the name of a player on a team that has been eliminated. But AD’s numbers and impact were just too good to be left off the list. Fighting to enter the playoffs as the 8th seed, Anthony Davis had a career year. Had it not been for an injury, he very well could have been the regular season MVP. Although the Warriors swept the Pelicans in the first round, the games may have been a lot more ugly if it weren’t for Davis. He averaged 31.5 points, 3 blocks, and shot 54%. Anthony Davis and his Pelicans may not have made a huge playoff run this season, but they will be a force for years to come.

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