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Cavs Nation is a team of sports writers covering the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition to covering breaking news and stories, we also provide a game-changing mobile app to follow games live. Cavs Nation is a part of ClutchPoints, Inc.

Tomer Azarly
Tomer Azarly is a passionate NBA writer and editor in Los Angeles, CA. He's working on a degree in broadcast journalism, and has been the Editor-In-Chief and Social Media Manager of Cavs Nation for over a year.
Nikki Goel
Nikki Goel is a Chemical Engineer, Manager of Business Development for ClutchPoints and Editor-in-Chief for Cavs Nation. "In religion we call it spirits. In science we call it energy. In the streets we call it vibes. All I'm saying is trust it."
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy is an NBA writer from West Palm beach, FL. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2013 with a degree in journalism. Formerly the Director of FanSided's NBA Division and editor of Thunderous Intentions, he's been a sports writer working for newspapers in Oklahoma the past three years.
Bruno Manrique
Bruno Manrique is a sports writer from San Francisco, CA. He's a former columnist for Bleacher Report and statistician for several pro sports teams in the Bay Area. He's covered a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, softball and boxing. His favorite player is Allen Iverson and he won't go a day without a cup of coffee.
Andre Key
Andre Key is a Los Angeles native that enjoys walks on the beach. He has been writing, blogging, talking and debating about the NBA since 2004, however his love for the game has been there his entire life. Some consider him a techie because he enjoys gaming, creating websites, testing AAA games software, repairing computers, and modding sports forums.
Victor Galvez
Victor Galvez is a proud father, husband and an entrepreneur. He is currently living in the Philippines and has earned himself a degree in Economics. He considers himself the biggest Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat fan. But overall, a basketball junkie who loves to write about the sport.
Nihad Žunić
Nihad Žunić is an experienced NBA writer for many Europe-based basketball related websites. You can find him on Facebook (facebook.com/jebo.te.ja666) and Instagram (@mask.off7). He's an avid fan of Real Madrid and the Bosnian national team.
Kenny Honaker
Kenny Honaker is the lead writer at Cavs Nation delivering the latest news and updates about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ken moved from the rolling hills of West Virginia to the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in July of 2005. He studied computer-aided drafting and design at West Virginia University's Parkerburg campus after being CADD certified at Roane-Jackson Technical Center, where he served as student council president. Prior to his days of writing, Ken was a preliminary blueprint artist at Appalachian Log Structures in Fairplain, WV. In his free time, Ken enjoys playing guitar, cooking, and interacting with his readers.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He loves all things Ohio State, the Cavs, Browns, and dumb things on the internet. He also likes to teach, coach, and write weird things.

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