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A Tale of Two Teams: 2013-2014 Heat vs 2014-2015 Cavs

Last but not least we’ll compare the centers Chris Anderson for the Heat and Anderson Varejao. Chris Anderson was a monster on defense last year for the Heat. He battled for every ball that came his way and fought for every rebound. He’s a veteran in the league and has been in the NBA for 12 years. He stands at 6’10 and weighs 245 pounds so he is no string bean. He finished the season with an average of slightly over 6 points a game and had a little over 5 rebounds a game. Anderson Varejao on the other hand definitely does not have close to the amount of tattoos that Chris Anderson does, however he is great match up on the basketball court. Varejao has been in the league for ten years now and has been with Cleveland for all of them. He is a Brazilian native and like Chris Anderson is a great contributor to the defense on his team. Last year Varejao had similar numbers as Chris Anderson with about 8 points a game, however he doubled the amount of rebounds Chris Anderson had. Varejao was able to average ten rebounds a game, an incredible number. Not only does Varejao have better stats, but he is also larger. He stands at nearly seven foot tall! That’s quite the giant, the exact kind of player you’d want to have a center. He would absolutely win the matchup.

With Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins, and Anderson Varejao all walking away winners in their matchup with their respected players on the Heat, it’d be clear to tell that LeBron made the right choice with going to Cleveland again. With choosing the Cavs, not only has he returned to his hometown, given hope to a city that had nearly lost hope in its basketball team, he has upgraded to a better team than he had before. The Cavaliers give LeBron a better chance to win a championship than the Heat did, and as Cavs fans we all look forward to having a Larry O’Brien trophy in Cleveland come next June.

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