Stephen A. Smith is no stranger in the department of NBA hot takes, as he went on a tirade recently calling out Dwyane Wade’s buyout situation. The seasoned ESPN reporter boldly predicted the three-time NBA champion’s next move once all is said and done in Chicago.

“It will either be this season or he will make a pit stop in Cleveland for one final championship run with LeBron James before going back to Miami,” Smith reported on ESPN “But he will end up back in Miami because, damn it, that is where he belongs and they are not the same without him. Period.”

The Heat front office could have certainly handled their situation with Wade much better while he was a part of the organization, always failing to pay the man what he deserved after thirteen years of sacrifice and negotiation. But now that things have not worked out with the Bulls, maybe the Heat will strike at their chance for redemption.

“That is Wade County and they would have been in the playoffs last year had he been in Miami,” Smith also said. “But since that did not happen they are going to realize the error of their ways and they are going to make sure they get him back.”