The Cleveland Cavaliers are going for the 4-0 series sweep of the Detroit Pistons tonight, but Reggie Jackson, Stanley Johnson, and the Pistons are not going to go out without a fight.

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Jackson, for one, knows the history of teams that have gone down 3-0, with no one ever being able to win a series from that point. He remains confident, however, that the Pistons can overcome the odds and defeat the Cavs. RELATED: Dave Pemberton of the Oakland Press reported on Jackson’s comments.

“Somebody has to be the anomaly, why not us?” Jackson said. “You can’t look at the big picture that you gotta win four games. You can’t win four games without winning one. We have to come out here with the same confidence. We’ve been in every game. We’ve literally been right there.

“I think their maturation have given them games here and there, and our lack of experience at times. But you gotta learn on the fly. We’ve got three games to learn, we gotta make adjustments and we’re going to make some more. We gotta have less dead spots.”

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Rookie Stanley Johnson took a more serious approach, making it more about pride than anything else at this point.

“We’re all men, I know I don’t want to get swept by anybody, I think that’s very disrespectful,” stated Johnson. “So for us it’s how much pride we have. If anybody out there thinks we’re going to lay down just because we’re down 3-0, they need to think something else because I think we’re going to come out and compete our (butt) off and just let it fly out.”

Clearly, Johnson feels very passionately about not being swept. The Pistons, however, don’t look like a team that’s going to be able to squeeze out a win. In the two close games, they’ve absolutely lacked a killer mentality and poise, jacking up ill-advised shots and at times over-dribbling. Meanwhile, the Cavs never wavered, staying within the offense, moving the ball, finding mismatches, and drawing up brilliant plays to put the Pistons away.

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If the Cavs are able to complete the sweep, they’ll likely have a few days of rest while Atlanta and Boston battle it out as each team is currently doing a great job holding down their respective home-court advantages.