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SportsCenter Twitter Tweets Out Classless Kevin Love Photo

You would think that ESPN and SportsCenter have all, and we mean, ALL, the resources available to get some good game photos of players. Some players don’t play as much, but there’s so many different outlets that provide images, that it shouldn’t be an issue finding one.

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A picture of Cleveland Cavaliers’ All-Star power forward Kevin Love, then, really shouldn’t be a problem to find. However, the folks there seem to have some trouble with it. Take a look at this stat-alert tweet that was sent out at 7:50 PM PST after Anthony Davis put up a 40-10 game for the Pelicans in a loss, and you tell us what you see wrong here…

Sports Center K Love Post

Really? They got a picture of Kevin Durant shooting a three, a picture of ANTHONY DAVIS shooting a three after just starting to shoot them this season, and for their photo of Kevin Love, they use… that? They couldn’t find a single photo of Kevin Love shooting a three-pointer? And aside from that, they use one of the worst photos of Love when he separated his shoulder back in the first round of the 2015 NBA playoffs? His first ever NBA playoffs?

Come on SportsCenter, you guys can do better than that. Here, we’ll help you out with a few.




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