LeBron James’ recent comments about the Cavaliers’ need to upgrade their roster has made its way onto the set of TNT, which includes Hall-of-Famers Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley.

In their recent coverage on TNT yesterday, O’Neal and Barkley got into a heated exchange when discussing the comments and direction James was going with his outspoken quotes about competing for another championship and upgrading talent. Fellow panel member Ernie Johnson had to play the role of mediator, as the two let loose on each other about the situation.

O’Neal shared a locker room with James briefly in Cleveland on the backend of his career, and spoke on his championship experience as well as the difficulty of repeating in his defense of James, as he understands James’ desire to win.

Barkley on the other hand attacked James for wanting to assemble a team of anyone he wanted in the league, despite the Cavs already having the highest payroll in NBA history. Barkley then went on to question James’ hunger to compete, which was squashed immediately by O’Neal, as he found it almost insulting to claim James wasn’t a fierce competitor.

Watch the two battle it out here.

James has undergone a lot of negative media attention since his frustrated comments after the loss to the Sacramento Kings on the road. He could have perhaps gone about it in a more professional manner, but his comments actually outline the burning desire he has to continue to win championships during his prime window.

James understands the Warriors have assembled the greatest collection of talent we’ve ever seen on a single roster, and with that, James understands that the Cavs must somewhat construct a roster to match them talent-wise if they happen to meet again in the NBA Finals.

James’ comments may have come under fire, but it’s only because the fire burning inside him to bring multiple championships to Northeast Ohio rages larger than ever.

The King is definitely not going to roll over and let the Warriors take over the league, and look for the Cavs to make a move or two before the trade deadline.