In the recent rookie survey of, this year’s class was asked a multitude of questions, but one that warranted a lot of attention was “Who is your favourite NBA player?”

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Kevin Durant came in first with over 29% of the votes, despite his widely unpopular move to join the Warriors. This marks the third straight year wherein Durant got the “most popular” tag among rookies.

However, the more surprising outcome was the unanimous regular season MVP, Steph Curry, only receiving 4.7% of the total votes. That puts a handful of stars above him in the rankings, which includes the Finals’ unanimous MVP in LeBron James who was tied for second place with 9.4%.

It’s interesting to see what characteristic of Curry did not resonate well with this year’s class. Other than James, stars who turned out to be more popular to rookies than Curry were Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett.

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It’s crazy to realize that someone who was supposedly the face of the league is seen in this light by its future stars. As for LeBron James, his virtuoso Finals effort surely did him well.