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Richard Jefferson's funny antics from game against Spurs

Richard Jefferson

The Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs going at it in the regular season could very well be a preview of what may come around June when the best of the East and West meet in the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors are sure favorites to make another appearance like the Cavs, but the talented, disciplined Spurs team coupled with Gregg Popovich‘s coaching regime are also favorites to knock them out come Western Conference Championships time.

All that aside, it’s nice to see these players still have fun with the game, and 36 year old Richard Jefferson is not shy to show how much fun he’s having.

The game itself was undoubtedly intense, as the contest went to overtime resulting in a 121-118 loss for the Cavs. Either way, there were plenty of funny instances that happened throughout the night.

You can watch more of the Cavs/Spurs antics here:

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