Some comments are just hard to forget. Richard Jefferson, Cleveland Cavaliers forward, hasn’t forgotten about one particular remark made by Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry last year.

Obviously, walking in the locker room, it’ll be good memories,” Curry told reporters last year. “Hopefully, it still smells a little bit like champagne.”

Jefferson tells the Cavaliers’ “Road Trippin’ Podcast” that he isn’t upset about Curry’s statement, but thinks the two-time NBA MVP’s comments might have caused some problems in an earlier era of basketball.

In his dad’s era, if his dad would’ve said ‘I hope that another team’s locker room smells like champagne,’ in the era of Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason, there would’ve been fights.”

“RJ,” as Jefferson is known, played with Curry for over a season and says he has a lot of respect for him. However, Jefferson also stated that he isn’t afraid to play physically against Curry if that’s what it takes to win.

I have no disrespect for Steph,” Jefferson said. “I played with the guy, love the guy, I wish him the best. Unless they’re playing against us. Then after that, it’ll be a flagrant foul.”