During the second quarter of last night’s Game 4 matchup of the NBA Finals, Cavaliers swingman Dahntay Jones and Warriors forward Kevin Durant became involved in a bit of a jawing match near the sideline. As a result, Jones, who hadn’t even entered the game yet, was issued a technical foul.


This isn’t the first time Jones, an enforcer of sorts, has received a technical foul. In fact, during last year’s championship run, the former Duke Blue Devil garnered several infractions of the technical variety. And as most Cavs fans know, his teammate, LeBron James, picked up the tab each time.

So, who is going to fork over the cash for the fine this time? As it turns out, someone has created a Go Fund Me page to cover the expenses. In what seems like a group chat with his Cavs teammates, one of the Williams on the team (either Derrick or Deron) sent over the link to the Go Fund Me page.

Hopefully Jones doesn’t go out and earn himself any more fines, but if he does, James will surely pick them up.